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That's awesome! XD
If I did a cosplay, I'd be Ulquiorra! The reason is that I have black hair, and my hair's cut to be basically is like Ulquiorra's hair. I'd have to cut the back a little, though...
I probably wouldn't be able to, though. XD I mean, I'd have to get a group of friends who like to cosplay(and like Bleach) to be able to do that... And I"m just not the sociable type.
Oh! But I think I'd play a great Ulquiorra! I'm always silent, and although I don't go around and deem people as "trash" and some other characteristics of Ulquiorra, I'd have no problem in doing so! ...To be honest, I'm the type to judge people by their actions and I believe that a bunch of people I've met are; trash, fools, clowns, ect.

...I'd be disappointed if the 4th movie turned out to be a fail... =.=;
Which movie did you not like most? For me, it was the first movie.

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