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Quote originally posted by smile!:
I don't like this. Kubo is fucking up Aizen so much. This is too much already. I don't see how Aizen will be defeated, the way things are going on. If Ichigo is supposed to beat Aizen, pfffffft. He's (I assume) not even on par with his dad. If he got powered up all of a sudden.... I'm gonna ... err..... whatever.
I really don't want Ichigo to beat Aizen, but really, who is there left? All of the other captains have been caught under Kyouka Suigetsu... Gin, I don't think, can beat Aizen (chances are, he would've been under the hypnosis, too, because if I was Aizen, I wouldn't risk it). Tatsuki, Muzuiro and Keigo are either completely forgotten about (then again, I thought the same about Wonderweiss...) and even if they aren't, there's no way that they're going to be stronger than Urahara, Isshin and Yoruichi.

Unless the Soul King has some bodyguards or something Ichigo is the only one left. Unfortunately.

Quote originally posted by smile!:

And wasn't he just about to kill Ichigo? But then when Aizen asked, he said 'testing his strength'.
Gin is probably scared of Aizen. If Gin told Aizen "oh, I was just about to kill him" Aizen would definitely get mad and might even kill Gin for trying that. Ichigo is important for Aizen, it seems.
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