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Quote originally posted by smile!:
Scared.... Hurm.. I thought they were getting along fine.

idk why Aizen would get mad at Gin wanting to kill Ichigo, because he said that he would "eat" Ichigo after they came back from SS.

Eat... eat....

You know, Kubo could mean that LITERALLY. Could it be that by eating Ichigo, Aizen would be able to boost his already godmod power? Hmmm...
"Getting along" with someone doesn't mean you can't be scared of them. It's like a relationship between a Lieutenant and his Captain. They might be best buds, but if the former really pisses off the latter, you can be sure that there might be some blood spilled.

Hmm, he could mean a literal "eating" om nom nom nom nom or maybe he means something like "I'll drain your reiatsu and your powers and whatnot." I wouldn't be surprised if Aizen wanted to take Ichigo's powers, seeing as how Ichigo seems to become stronger at an insane rate, and when Isshin and Gin referred to "only someone in his position would be able to understand him" (or something like that) could be more hints that Ichigo is the only one able to beat him...
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