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Quote originally posted by Teh Blazer:
Awww snap! You must be super lucky! I'd drop my DS, but I'm afraid of what might happen next so I don't think I'll take a risk.

Do yo collect the Naruto cards, or are you just a person who only watches the show?

Yup XD

I watch the show (english dub and sub), I read the manga and at anime conventions I buy some of the stuff from the show

Quote originally posted by bian:
How about a Quirky Susumu Mew?
It seems that you're collecting different nature of those.
meh, not looking for it anymore...
Quote originally posted by batmon:
Thanks so much. If you ever find a female shiny Shinx on your game, please tell me
your welcome and speaking of female shiny shinx, I found one on US SS game last night XD

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