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Originally Posted by Teh Blazer View Post
Awww snap! You must be super lucky! I'd drop my DS, but I'm afraid of what might happen next so I don't think I'll take a risk.

Do yo collect the Naruto cards, or are you just a person who only watches the show?
Yup XD

I watch the show (english dub and sub), I read the manga and at anime conventions I buy some of the stuff from the show

Originally Posted by bian View Post
How about a Quirky Susumu Mew?
It seems that you're collecting different nature of those.
meh, not looking for it anymore...
Originally Posted by batmon View Post
Thanks so much. If you ever find a female shiny Shinx on your game, please tell me
your welcome and speaking of female shiny shinx, I found one on US SS game last night XD
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