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Quote originally posted by Late:
That was quick. You already continued to Black & White as you have made many drawings of HG/SS.
Nice work. I like it. You already made them attack before even knowing their moves :D
Thank you! ^^ I just put general attacking moves there just judging by their appearences. xD I'm glad you like it, though!

Quote originally posted by Mumfie:
WOw, this is indeed incredible. Do you have a Deviantart-page?
Thank you! ^^ And yep, I do have a deviantART. My username there is Delthero.

Quote originally posted by bunnyricebowl:
Those are pwnsome tails! So much detail, they look like a lot of work! Awesome job, I love your Tsutaja evolutions too, the final dragon form looks wicked. :shocked:
Thank you very much! ^^ I hope Tsutaja evolves into a dragon, ahaha xD

Quote originally posted by Hibaru:
Most people and my friends always proud of me, Because of my Hand-Drawing skills and Computer Drawing Skills are both good. But when I saw your great draw, I feel like....You know, I feel like there's someone has beat me and I lose. To who? Non other than you! I feel like you've made me lose. What I mean is I like your Draw! And that's really amaze me when I saw the Pidgeot flying! Keep it up buddy! ;)
*blushes* Thank you so much! Don't let other people discourage you, though, all it takes is practice! I'm sure someday you'll be better than me ^^

Quote originally posted by gapdreamer:
omg those are horribly ridiculously awesomely great!!
my drawings look **** and ****** compared to them.
keep up the good work, i hope to see more ^^
note: i am in love with the gyarados 100x<3<3<3
Thank you so much! *blush* I'm glad you like them!

Quote originally posted by Zamorak:
Wow, this is all so good... I wish I could do something anywhere near this good but I always mess up proportions. Well i'll keep trying(and failing) and while I wait for that day I make a pic that isn't fail i'll look at your pics and be amazed, and envious(who wouldn't be :cer_laugh:) of your skillz.
Thank you! Again, all it takes is practice, so just keep trying! =D
Anyway, before I post another drawing, an update- my Reshiram vs. Zekrom piece got a Daily Deviation on DeviantART the other day! :O I was completely shocked, but it was really awesome! I thank you guys for your support, otherwise I might not have drawn it xD

Anyway, here's another non-Pokémon related piece.

This is a slightly overdue commission from someone on deviantART of their character. She is a wolf-like creature with a horn and wings on her legs, and her element is Ice. I really liked her design (even though I suck at drawing wolves), so I had fun doing this.

I really love the background in this, especially the clouds. The icy rose came out really good, too!