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Hey, brokenxnote here [optimisticxpessimist on deviantArt] with my game that I've been working on for a few months. After the first few months, the game had a terrible accident [just as I said "Oh, I'd better make a backup now, while I'm thinking about it, before something bad happens."] and I had to start all over without any of the maps or events I'd done already. But I've started again, and progress is being made. So let's get this started, shall we?

-Solomon and Lunara: Hero and Rival, Twin brother and sister
-Terrance: Stay at home dad, ex-Contest Coordinator
-Stella: mom, ex-Gym Leader, current member of the Elite 4
-Professor: Gary Oak


You and your sibling have both finished your Pokemon trainer classes, but have been waiting for the right time to go out and start your journey. You, on one hand, don't want to jump into anything you aren't prepared for. Your sibling, on the other hand, doesn't want an unfair advantage in your rivalry to see who can become a Pokemon Master first. You both want the victor to be decided fairly and absolutely. You've been considering talking the situation over with your sibling; that maybe it's finally time to go out and get started. You decide to go on a walk, to clear your head and really think about whether you're ready or not. But on your way out of town, you run into Gary Oak, your towns Professor, trying to fight against two dark and menacing trainers. You run to help, not sure of what you can do, but determined to save the cornered Professor somehow. But from behind, another trainer attacks, forcing you into the same corner as Oak. Now you both are side by side and cornered. Oak pulls three Pokeballs out of his pocket and holds them out to you. "Heh, this isn't exactly how I thought I'd be giving you this, kid, but here, pick one. Looks like you're gonna need it..."

As you take a Pokeball, you notice your sibling over one of your attackers' shoulder. You try to tell them to run, but they are seen before they can escape, and yet another attacker appears, backing them into your corner as well. "Thanks for joinin' the party," Oak tells your sibling, holding the remaining two Pokeballs out to them. "You pick one too. If you two think you can handle those goons over there, I'll take care of these two myself," he says with confidence, and you and your sibling nod silently in agreement. Once you have both finished your battles, you look up to see that Oak has defeated both of his "goons," and they, along with those of you and your sibling, scatter and escape.

Oak compliments both of you on your battling. "I guess you two came out to start your journey then?" he asks you both. "Looks like you're both more than ready to me." You and your sibling look each other in the eye, and in a moment of either silent communication, or twin telepathy, both turn back to Oak, smiling, with a fiery determination in your eyes. "Yup."

Today is the day. You are finally ready to begin your Pokemon journey. You and your twin sibling both seek to be the first to reach the top: The Elite 4. Other trainers have tried; some have failed, some have succeeded. But this journey isn't as simple for you. It is a journey of pride, of tradition, to prove yourselves...
You seek to reach this goal to, in turn, reach your hero, your mother, Stella, ex Gym Leader and current Elite 4 Member. She left home long ago, when you and your sibling were very young, after being nominated to join the Elite 4. And now has come the time for you to prove yourself to her. To show how much you've improved and grown. To show that you, her child, have what it takes to follow in her footsteps and become a Pokemon Master.

But there are more than just Pokemon waiting for you on your journey. On your way, you will face Team Eclipse, an evil organization looking to not only control the world, but every aspect of nature itself. They seek to locate and gain access to the dens of the Nekoseimei [name pending], the group of legendary Pokemon believed to watch over every aspect of nature, and keep them in balance and working order. Should Team Eclipse gain control of one of these Pokemon, they would hold the world at arm's length. Should they control them all, the world may very well end as we know it. Your mother has caught wind of their plans and gone out to try and stop them, and it seems that you, your father, and your sibling may need to join her in her fight, with or without her approval. Will you be able to convince your mother that you can fight this battle along side her? And more importantly, will your family, with the love of Pokemon running through their genes, be able to put an end to the madness Team Eclipse seeks to unleash? There's only one way to find out...


Story Part 2 [Warning: SPOILERS. Only read this if you plan on giving your critique...or if you're just that curious, I guess you can read it then too.] I thought it was clearer that this was later in the game. My bad. But this is after the 8th Gym/Elite 4. I had mentioned that in my original version of this story, but it didn't save correctly the first time and I lost it and had to retype it. So there may be other things missing too. But this part of the story takes place much later in the game. Don't worry, the evil Teams aren't THAT cocky to just announce their plans at the beginning of the game lmao. They actually are revealed over time, not all at once like it seems. Once again, my bad haha.:

You stand and stare in awe. There, right before your eyes, stands Leaero, staring directly into those eyes that stare at him. The look in his eye...something about it tells you that all isn't well. He turns away from you and flies off, leaving you standing there, bewildered. Just then, you recieve a phone call from Oak.

"Come to the lab. Now," he says, and hangs up abruptly. There is a disturbed, tone in his voice, yet there is an underlying rage in it as well. You rush back home to his lab to see what could be distressing him so much.

Outside of his lab, you run into your sibling, who he apparently called as well. You both walk in, to see the TV turned to what appears to be the news. There on the screen sit 3 men at a table. The screen is oddly fuzzy, but you can just make out their images. One of them sits in a dark suit and has a demeaning, smug look in his eye. The next has icy blue hair with a cold stare to match it, and wears a white vest. Next to him is a face you can't help but recognize: Neo, the leader of Team Eclipse. You turn to your sibling with a look of confusion and worry, only to end up staring at the exact same expression, something that seems to happen more often between you than any other twins you know of. You turn back, watching the screen intently, just as Neo begins to speak.

"Good evening ladies and gentleman," he begins, with his usual tone of sick humor. "For those who don't already know, I am Neo, leader of Team Eclipse. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I'd like to introduce you to a few new friends of mine..."

"Thank you, Neo," the man in the dark suit opens. "You see, Neo and Team Eclipse here have quite an...interesting plan. Instead of trying to take control of the world through brute force, as I did at one time, they seek to control the very aspects of human survival. The air, the water, electricity, fire. All of it. And I, Giovanni, and Team Rocket of course, along with our other comrades, Cyrus and Team Galactic, have taken interest in this plan. Therefore, we are here to announce the merging and affiliation of Teams Rocket, Galactic, and Eclipse."

"With the combined funding and support from Giovanni and I," Cyrus picks up from where Giovanni left off, "and the oversight of all three of us, we see little room for failure. Therefore, we would like to inform the world that, albeit cliche, resistance is futile. We shall take hold of the world in our iron fists, and all who will not follow us will not progress. We will decide the laws, the laws of both man and nature, and no one shall stand against us."

"So you see, ladies and gentlemen," Neo concludes, "we will soon hold all of your fates in our hands. The power to rule the world is just breaths away, and we plan to breathe deep. We hope you have a good night, with love, The New Leaders of Your World. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

And with the sadistic laugh of Neo, the broadcast goes back to its normal programming, where the newscasters sit in as much awe in confusion as you did.

"Seems they hijacked the frequency of every radio and TV in the world just to send that little message," Oak says, just having noticed you and your sibling a little before the end of the broadcast, "yet no one seems to be able to figure out where it was sent from. But that's the least of our worries. I've fought against Giovanni and Team Rocket before, and I know those who've fought against Cyrus and Galactic. And I'm sure you haven't forgotten what Neo and Team Eclipse are like so quickly. If they team up, we've got a serious problem on our hands. I'm sure your mom, dad and any of those who've fought any of these jerks before saw that broadcast, so you can bet they'll be on-board to help stop this. But we need all the help we can get. So, are you two up for a little added bonus to your Pokemon journey?"

You and your sibling both nod, the same confident smirk forming on each of your faces.

"How did I know you would be?" Oak says, with a laugh.

-As always, a whole new region to explore.
-Play as one of two twins, face the other as your rival. A new definition of sibling rivalry.
-New Pokemon [Fakemon] to see, capture and train.
-Appearances from, and battles with, some of your favorite Pokemon characters.
-New way to carry Pokemon [Should be fully possible to add in, once I get a scripter, and i just thought of it today. Although it's not like a huge innovation, I'm still pretty exicted about it to be honest. More details to come.]
-Other feature ideas will be revealed when I know for sure that they can be done, and when i can either get a scripter for my team, or learn scripting myself.

I have quite a few areas mapped, but due to a problem in the Pokemon Essentials script that I haven't been able to fix or get help fixing yet, I can't open the Test Play, and therefore can't get in-game screenshots. Screens will be posted once the issue is solved. As said above, "I'm workin' on it..." haha.

brokenxnote [Me. "optimisticxpessimist" if the name change feature is ever brought back haha]

Concept Artist[s]:




Position currently open, some simple eventing done by me.


[Position will be filled by a currently secret person. The wait is only because he is current working on another game around here right now. You can guess who it is, but I ain't tellin' haha. There's also another that i may request help from, but seeing as I haven't asked yet, that clearly isn't official.]


The filling of this position is also awaiting confirmation. This thread will be updated once I get word back.

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