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Hm, that's true, the lawyers in AA do occasionally start at fairly early ages... still, it is explained that those cases are special. Franny and Edgeworth were trained by von Karma, after all, which would probably get you a full legal education by the age of five. ;) Most of the characters didn't have that, and Mia and Phoenix, at least, both started at twenty-four. And while you might not want to have your currently unnamed detective (ah, that makes sense now) working on murders, it's still probably a bad idea to have someone so young in that sort of position.

Glad I could help, anyway.

EDIT: Oh, and the confusion about whether or not Gardenia was his mom was primarily just me. As I said, I only skimmed the thread the first time, so I probably just misread something. It's my fault, don't worry about it too much.
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