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Quote originally posted by Raichupacabra:
i also have a UT
10 ANIV Suicune (00010)
10 ANIV Latias (00010)
10ANNIV Ho-oh
10ANNIV Lugia
10JAHRE Latias
Hadou Mew
SPACE C Deoxys
DOEL Deoxys
Navel Rock Shiny Ho-oh
All are UT
ok, what do you want for those?
Quote originally posted by Tsutaja:
Im ready to trade are you????????///
I can trade tomorrow afternoon
Quote originally posted by weightoftheworld:
looking for shiny buneary (top priority) or shiny bulbasuar have shiny charmander lv 1 or any in signature
I can hatch you a shiny buneary
Quote originally posted by xxashxx:
Ok Do you want these events?

Pokemon Ranger Shaymin Heateran and Manaphy All Japanese
Shiny Teeter Dance Pichu Shiny Birth Island Deoxys Far away Island Mew and Latias and WCS Shiny Eevee.

That is 9 events for all 9 of your Spain events. Thanks.

hmmm I already have ranger 3 shaymin, heatran and manaphy
can teeter dance pichu be shiny? I already have a birth island deoxys (a shiny japanese one) and what is the date of your WCS eevee?
Quote originally posted by g0dofearth:
hey Ginji the wish bagon you traded me may be hacked because it knows both wish and iron defense D=
it is and im really sorry about it T_T

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