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▲ Game Information ▲:
Check attachments!

ROM: Pokémon Firered (U)
Creator: Flandre Scarlet
Language: English

▲ Storyline ▲:

1000 years ago, when the region of Exten was one piece of land, ruins on the east side of the region were known as the Darkrai Ruins. Many explorers have been into the ruins, none have returned since. 1000 years after (present), the Exten region is now separated into 4 different islands. The Calco, Sento, Gamma and Forte Islands. Sento Islands is where the Darkrai Ruins are located. The entrance has been tightly sealed, and rumours have it that the seal will be unbroken when the "Hero" is exposed in front of the Darkrai Ruins. Your the son of a Berry Researcher. You bring home one day, a very old and dried up Berry. The Berry is over 1000 years old. Could this be one of the Berries that one of the explorers took when they went exploring into the deep, dark depths of the Darkrai Ruins? Why are the ruins called Darkrai Ruins? It is because Darkrai is rumoured to been spotted on top of the ruins 1000 years ago. When Darkrai got a crowd, he completely vanished and left everyone wondering. Your quest is to discover the myth of the Darkrai Ruins, explore the 4 islands of the Exten region, conquer the Elite Four and become the new champion of Exten.

▲ Hack Features ▲:
  • The first ever (at least I think so) FireRed hack with animated Pokemon.
  • A mix of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh Region Pokemon.
  • New tiles, scenery and graphics.
  • New animations.
  • New sounds and music.
  • New events and rivals.
  • New Gym Leaders, some old Gym Leaders and a brand new Elite Four.
  • A new evil organisation that is against Team Rocket.
  • And much, much more!

▲ Media ▲:

▲ Team ▲:

Mirage Hacking Productions:

→ Me
Position: Scripter / Mapper / Graphics

→ Umbreon_
Position: Founder

→ Faline
Position: Team Leader / Application Manager

→ Binary
Positioncripter / Application Manager

→ ~Trebuh~
Position: Head Graphics / Mapper

→ X-Buster
Position: Graphics / ASM Hacker

→ Tropical Sunlight
Position: Scripter / Mapper / Tile Inserter

→ Zeffy
Position: Scripter

→ Alignment
Position: Graphics / Spriter

→ Nosman
Position: Mapper, Scripter, Tile Inserter

→ Hidans Hacking Helm
Position: Spriter

→ Solspear
Position: Spriter

→ Teapot Turret
Position: Beta Tester

→ tjwilliams24
Position: Beta Tester

Position: Sub-Mapper

→ Samike360
Position: Sub-Scripter

→ altariaking
Position: Sub-Tile Inserter

▲ Support Banners ▲:

Support the hack!

[* URL=""][*  IMG][/IMG][/URL]  - remove *s

[* URL=""][*  IMG][/IMG][/URL]  - remove *s
^ Thanks tjwilliams24

▲ Awards ▲:

Hack of the Week #121

▲ Credits ▲:

  • AmineX - Music help.
  • Megiddo - Music switch help.
  • Pokemon-Diamond - Tiles.
  • Manipulation - General help and inspiration.
  • Tropical Sunlight - For some tile insertion and maps.
  • Kyledove - Tiles.
  • Alucus - Tiles.
  • C.N.C - Tiles.
  • WesleyFG - Tiles and pallets.
  • Zel!x - Overworlds and Tiles.
  • HackMew - ASM routines.
  • X-Buster - World map.
  • Mitchel1 - General help.
  • Xiros - Tiles.
  • Pey! - Tiles.
  • Whack a Hack! - Tutorials and other things.

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