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That looks like an excellent list to me. I might add that veekun and Psypokes tend to be slightly more reliable than Serebii as far as pokédexes go, since they give more detail and are a bit more accurate (there are exceptions); they also have handy search and sort features that are nice even if you prefer sticking to the green 'dex. If you're looking for a pokémon that's a certain size, belongs to a certain egg group, learns a certain move and was introduced in a specific generation, it's hard to beat veekun's search--I use it all the time. And now I feel like a walking advertisement, but yeah... custom search = fic author's godsend.

I wonder... anyone think that links to word processors and other such stuff might be useful? I don't know that it'd alleviate the "typing the fic into the post box" problem, because I'll eat my laptop if most of those people don't have Word or at least TextEdit or something on their local machine, but maybe some distraction-free writing tools like DarkRoom? Google Docs or Buzzword, which could potentially make sharing with beta readers and the like a little easier? (Write or Die? :p)

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