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Mm, well... I guess I could just post some links anyway, and then you guys can add 'em or don't.


Word Processing/Story Project Software and Websites - A fully-featured office/productivity suite, just like Microsoft Office only better because it's free. It runs on every major OS. What you want is Writer, their word processing application; unfortunately you can't download Writer by itself and need to install the entire suite, but OpenOffice as a whole is so good that you really shouldn't care. It reads/writes .doc and .docx files from Word, too, by the way.

Abiword - A much smaller program that is strictly a word processor but is also free and multi-platform. Not as sophisticated as Writer or Word, but if you want something fast and simple and don't need to make spreadsheets then it's a good option.

Celtx - More free, more multi-platform. It says it's for "media pre-production" and is really intended for things like screenplays or radio dramas, but it still works beautifully for plain-ol' fic writing. Chances are very, very high that you don't need something like this and will do just fine with a simple word processor, but if you are hopelessly disorganized then you may find its project-oriented structure helpful for your longer works.

yWriter - Similar to the above, but specifically geared toward novel (or longfic!) writing. Again, aids with structure and organization if you are beyond redemption in that area. Made for Windows, though you can try running it on a Linux computer with some tweaking.

Google Docs - Yes, Google has a word processor. Sign up for an account and start creating documents; simplistic, but more than adequate for most fanfics. You can choose to share docs with collaborators, which could be useful if communicating with a beta reader. Doesn't require downloads but does need an internet connection.

Adobe Buzzword - Adobe's answer to Google Docs. It's a little slower than GDocs, but it's fancier and is capable of more complex formatting should you need it.

WriteRoom - A simple program for what is called "distraction-free writing"--it removes all of the bells, whistles and buttons of standard word processors and often hides most of your computer screen so that you can focus on what you're writing and only on what you're writing. It sounds primitive (and is) but is actually incredibly useful. WriteRoom itself is Mac and iPhone only, but this page on their wiki lists similar options for people who have different platforms or need slightly different features.

Write or Die - An online program for people who need to get some writing done Or Else. It not only removes distracting interfaces but introduces the added condition that it will punish you if you do not write constantly. You can choose punishments that range from annoying beeps to Hanson songs to deleting what you just wrote, so it's great motivation when you're having trouble getting stuff out. For rough drafts only; you will also need to make sure you have an actual word processor to save your work in, whether it's Word or GDocs. There's a multi-platform desktop version that does allow saving and is more customizable, but it's not free. (Still cheap, though.)

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