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Quote originally posted by Nikolai Fox:
KingCyndaquil. You should know who the tiles belong to, where did you get them from?

I'd be quick about it or the mods are within their right to lock this thread (but they will likely give 24hr notice).

Other than that, good idea and hope you pull it off, I quite enjoy the manga storyline.

PHEW! thanks man i got it, thanks for the adivce

Quote originally posted by KingCyndaquil:
i cant find one... if you have one can we use it? and yes you may just PM your info

lol yeah i did, thanks. btw can you tell me who made it?

Quote originally posted by Curt_09:
Isn't there already a manga remake somewhere on this site?
Oh well, it's interesting to say the least. I've never played a hack that utilizes the day/night system, so I'll probably try it just to see that in action.
i have always wanted to use it, so i felt this hack, in particular, flowed with it. but the only manga remake i ever seen was by interdeth, was there anymore???


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