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Sliding in one last shameless rec to add to the list if I may: - Reviewing and You, everything you ever wanted to know about reviewing but were afraid to ask. (Includes a guide on how to get reviews as well as how to do the entire review exchange thing civilly.)

Compared to the current sticky, it's refined, reorganized, and even a little rewritten at some parts. I'm just too lazy to code the thing (and, on top of that, I was wondering if it'd help to minimize the amount of stickies even further so attention could be drawn to the links thread and the beta thread).

On the other hand, if it's better off actually as a thread on the forums, sure, I can do that too. Just say the word, really.

Otherwise, the list looks ready to be posted, in my opinion. Personally, I think the list of addendum links Delusions is offering is a nice touch. While it might not encourage newbie writers to stop writing their fic in the reply box, it gives experienced writers (the people who most likely read stickies anyway) rather snazzy alternatives to using Microsoft Word (or whatever Mac users are into).
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