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Originally Posted by Pichuichu View Post
I Know, I know, but this is the drawing board and i've only got a three people team so yes it is boring at the moment. You want to help PM me seriously i need some more help.
If you want to make a game, you should at least write the story so that people who might want to help have a REASON to help. You can't expect people to jump at the chance to help when you don't have anything to start with. That makes it seem like they'll be doing most of the work for the game YOU want to make.

What parts of the game are you yourself specifically working on?

Unique Regions [Unique how? Is there something extremely different that makes this region "unique" and special, or did you really just mean to say that it would be a NEW region?]
Unique Plot [You seemingly haven't even made your plot yet, so if I were you, I wouldn't promise this until I had the plot actually written out.]
New Character's [There's new characters in each new generation of Pokemon games. What makes these a new feature?]
New Team [Once again, what makes them a new feature? What does the team actually want to accomplish? What are they doing? How are you expected to stop them?]
No Fakemon [That's less of a feature, more of an absence of a feature, but seeing as people will eventually ask anyway if you don't list it, I can see why you'd list it here.]
5Th Gen Pokemon Too! [So I can assume you're going to wait a year and a half to program these in, since you'll need to wait for Nintendo to release Black and White before you can get their actual Dex Entries?]
Travel to The Hoenn Region To Uncover Secret's. [WHAT secrets? Why are we going to Hoenn? Is it a part of the story, that helps the story actually progress, or is it just a random feature you decided to put in?]
Low Level Guardians. [This isn't really a good thing, at least with how you've stated it. What I can understand from this, is that, in your game, the legendaries, which are usually the most powerful Pokemon in the game and the hardest to catch, have been weakened. Wouldn't that basically take a way from the challenge, and in turn, interest in your game? Why would I want a game where i just walk around tossing Pokeball's left and right, catching whatever I want, without any challenge at all?]
Touch Screen (Hopefully) [For what? The touch screen on DPP/HGSS games is because those games are on the DS, which has a second screen made for that purpose, so if they didn't use the touch screen, it'd just make the bottom half of the DS useless and pointless. On a computer/tablet/laptop, there's one screen. Now, even if you're thinking of only having one screen that happens to be useable with the mouse, that's also more of a hassle than a helpful feature. The original games were all button-controlled only, no touch screen. If you put in the touch screen, it will just create extra work in which the player has to reach from their keyboard, to their mouse, and back to their keyboard. Now, unless you have a VERY good, thought out plan as to what to use the touchscreen for, I suggest not including that in your game until you CAN think of a purpose for it.]
Shadow Pokemon [Once again, WHY? What part do they play in the story? Do they have something to do with the Evil Team of your game? Can they be caught and Purified? Are they in both the normal world AND the dark world, or just the dark world?]
Dark World. [W-h-y? What part does it play in the story, if any at all? Why are we going there? What and/or who is in there that we so badly need to go to the dark world?]
More Coming
Just some things you may want to think about when listing "Features" and when you get around to actually writing your game's plot.