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Not to mention I'm not sure if anyone would go into a forum just for guides to read through them. The reason why we're doing a sticky of links is because we acknowledge the fact that a lot of people don't actually read guides or stickies or anything like that. Those who do might find the links handy or can at least find resources to link to in their reviews (if they don't just link to the massive list).

Also, to extend on something I think Dagzar might be implying, making a forum dedicated to guides would mean someone would have to write said threads. In which case, uh, raise your hand if you want to set aside hours of your life cooking up detailed guides and trying to get people to look over them for accuracy and whatnot. 'Cause I can't really say how many people would actually be dedicated enough to do that (although I can safely say I'm too lazy for it).

We could perhaps create a redirection link in the subforum list that directs to the resource list. (You can see an example of this with PC's rules.) That could attract attention to it, although, again, the thread's more for the people who would actually read stickies anyway.

Personally, if anything, I think we could try the redirection trick for the forum rules themselves -- but only if we're actually going to work on the subforums (read: prune them) anyway. Then again, how many people read PC's overall rules, either?
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