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Quote originally posted by Kininja:
1.The thread doesnt look odd.
2.The story is awesome
3. Is that the pallet town HGSS tiles i see
4. cant wait to play :L

Keep it up
Hey there. :D

1. Well, it did to me. Or maybe it was the fact that I was using Google Chrome... xD
2. Why thank you.
3. Yeah, it is, made by the fabulous Alucus.
4. Thanks again xD

Quote originally posted by x Necromorph x:
Looks like a great hack! Cant wait to get a beta!
Thanks, the beta will be... maybe a few weeks away.

Quote originally posted by dragoniteuser:
This look amazing..., are we gonna see some support banners soon?
Good luck to you and your team!
Thanks, and I will make some support banners tomorrow or on Saturday.


As you all should know, I've remapped Bloom City, but I've got some screenshots of the new Twilight City to show you.

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Thanks guys! Please comment and don't hesitate to share your opinions.