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Originally Posted by silvanarrow View Post
@Raichupacabra: I'll trade the Pachirisu for the Modest Latios if you can clone it back to me.

@rickyisgreat: I'm interested in your Goon Scizor and Shiny Lv. 1 Belbum (Adamant). Can you clone Pikachu and Pachirisu back to me? That's the only way I can trade my events.

@Death_Made: Holy crow, REALLY?! O.O My friend, your generosity never ceases to amaze me! As for the TMs, just pick any 6 from my Wants List to attach to the Pokemon. My only request is that at least one is Earthquake. When are you available to trade?
yeah. i can clone and then give it back to you
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Will give three pokemon from my thread for one of the following:
Articuno [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Charizard [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Entei [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Ho-oh [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Latias [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Latios [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Lugia [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Pikachu [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Raikou [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Suicune [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)

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