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A quick question for those who are keeping their eye on this thread:

Due to the Pokemon limitations of having one region, I plan on having every official region eventually accessible as part of the storyline [I didn't want to add the extra regions just for the sake of having every Pokemon in the game, so I adjusted the plot to fit them all in. It actually makes a lot more sense now with the adjustment]. But what I wonder is, should I include a pixel-adapted version of Orre in it? I'd need custom sprites, but it'd be interesting to have Orre in the game. Also, it'd add just a little to the storyline, but it'd be pretty much optional. If I even added it at all, I'd add it at the very end of production of the game, when it was already off the ground. So if you could, vote in the poll on whether or not you think I should bother including Orre.

ignore the poll, i changed my mind after trying to actually make Orre work. I don;t like it anymore than I did at first. anyone know how to remove a poll? o_o