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Teaser screen!

A little teaser of a previously unrevealed city, Shrent. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to get this city's look right, I went through five different versions and none of them looked good, even Wind Gale (the mapper) couldn't get it right. So finally, it's finished and ready for the demo in a couple of weeks.

Two things to be noted in this screen; the first is the water, it's now a green blue colour instead of just blue. I posted this on deviantART and it's 50/50 blue/green. What do you think?


@Alpog: RMXP is a massively more advanced system for game developing than hacking half a decade old games will ever be. For a start, you have practically no data restrictions. You can have any resolution you want, custom scripts like a dual screen, 3d or real time battles. And,
at least in the final version, the game will have battle animations. I don't really understand how you "extremely dislike this game maker", when you seemingly know nothing about it.

@brokenxnote: I knew this would happen, I should have just made the big 6/7/10 in words. Although it does say that in the first sentence below. They just want to do everything the opposite of the UK xD

@shadowtogepi: Haha, it's a late birthday present!

@Insane85: Yep. Thank you.

@jim42: Thanks. The trees are blue due to a special event; I won't spoil it though, you'll just have to play the demo! Long live XENOTIME xD

@Pichichu: Hey. You should join, it's really good. We actually started a competition a few months ago for a person to guess where it is. The winner would get their own side quest. Go back a few pages to see how it turned out. And it's not Sussex or Essex.

@uskelly: Thank you. The lava 'mon side quest is going to be like none before in the main games.

@Le Creep!: Now now, that's pretty close to swearing. I am too, I'll send you a VM on the sixth to remind you.

@venom12: Thanks, it's really getting its momentum up. Thanks agaiin, good luck wih your game too!

@phosphate5: Only two weeks to wait now.

@Starrmyt: Good, it's going to schedule so not long now.

@pokewebsites: How could you spend that long, it clearly says the sixth of july in the first sentence, and my location says Great Britain.

@pikarich: I can't, it's going to be released on the one year anniversary of when the project started. You mean to say: If only we'd started a day later xD

@tylerab01: Oh cool, you got the quarter a thousand post. And you posted that a few seconds before the update, strange xD

Demo Beta out Now!