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Cheese... Why not Ham? XD

NOTE: Some of my cards may somewhat/somehow relate to some video games.
Sieg, Dark Knight of the Gylphs
Dark Lord
Cost: 6
Element: Darkness
> Double Breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields)
> Whenever this creature attacks, choose one of the cards in your hand and discard it to the discard pile.
> Whenever this card is blocked by a Blocker and this card loses the battle. All other creatures you summon must attack the Blocker.

Victor Delacroix, Death Messenger
Dark Lord
Cost: 8
Element: Darkness
> Whenever this card faces 'Sieg, Dark Knight of the Gylphs' in battle, increase this cards attack by 4000 on that turn.
> Once in a turn, you may take one of your opponent's mana (in range of 1-4 mana count) and put it as your mana.

Thanatos, Ultimate Legion
Demon Command
Cost: 8
Element: Darkness
> When attacked, this cards attack increases by 2000 on that turn.
> Double Breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields)

Ham Warrior
Cost: 4
Element: Light
> This card cant be blocked.
> This card can attack when untapped.
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