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Originally Posted by silvanarrow View Post
@ricky and Raichu: Give me just a couple of minutes to get ready (I need to send the Pokemon over to my Platinum game), and then I'll add your FCs and head into Wi-Fi. Also, since you're both trading for the Pachirisu, I can only trade with one person at a time, so it'll be a first-come basis. The second person will have to wait until I get the original back so I can trade again.

@ricky: Which FC should I use?
im sorry about the other day. my internet stopped working. use my pearl and just let me know when you can trade
My Pearl FC is:0732-7275-2875
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Will give three pokemon from my thread for one of the following:
Articuno [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Charizard [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Entei [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Ho-oh [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Latias [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Latios [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Lugia [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Pikachu [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Raikou [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
Suicune [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)

No black/white yet.