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Originally Posted by xGGxToiZ View Post
Alright, finally! I've been pondering about this all week and now it's true!
That's amazing!

But, I have "bug" if you may want to call it reports:
1. When in battle, when you go to your Pokémon Menu and then do anything that leads you back to the battle screen, the battling Pokémon will move again! (Weird stuff !)

like full metal said, it changes the loading of the sprites and not the battle start.
2. When you encounter a wild Pokémon, it does it's animations long before it gets to its rightful position (You know the big circle?) thus making it look like it doesn't for some Pokémon. (How do you add delay?)
just add a ew more of 00 00 0F 00 and that will show only the first frame for as long as you want[/quote]
1. All of the Pokémon move even the (?)'s when viewed (Not in the description page.) in the PokéDex. (Ruby)

Oh, and one more thing, the 0F byte in 01/00 00 0F 00 not only controls its duration of being displayed but also when turned into a value like let's say, FF, it will flip the Pokémon in the status screen accordingly! (Used Ruby for this "behavior stuff")

It's not yet perfect yet but it totally works!
I hope that we could get it to move (Animations) at the proper moment.

P.S. How do you make the trainer sprites move? :p
to ake the trainer move I think it would already work with this code, as long as you add a second frame
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