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@ Digimon Kaiser: It's not bad in terms of a concept, but the problem is, right now, it's vague and generic. As in, it pretty much sounds a lot like every season of Digimon coupled with Dino King and maybe (if you squint) Spider Riders. That's not to say it's a bad idea. It's really all in what you do with it beyond that point.

Right now, you've mentioned an organization that's keeping time travel a secret, but we don't know how that ties in with the story of the two worlds coming together. (I'm personally thinking the fact that you're writing about dinosaurs is a hint, but I can't even be too sure here.) Likewise, you mention a conflict, but a conflict can be anything from an all-out war between countries in the other world or a race to stop an evil dinosaur from destroying/taking over both worlds or a race to stop the mystery organization from abusing their ability to time travel. We don't really know, and that's really where the meat of the story will be. You can have really awesome ideas for monsters and magical worlds, but your story can fall apart with the plot concept (which is more than just "teens are pairing up with dinosaur partners").
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