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Quote originally posted by Tropical Sunlight:
The title screen looks wonderful!
The "Blue Moon" text is a bit small, but the Drakrai and the background make it up for it
Pidgeotto looks good too.

Yeah, I accidentally made it too small. Oh well, thanks though.

Quote originally posted by Faline:
Titlescreen is just epic and professional too. :]

Love the updates. Oh Pidgeotto. <3

Thank you.

Quote originally posted by X-Buster:
hey Flandre, did it worked out? don't forget to credit me.
(you know what i mean, shoots you lasers if you don't)

Yes it did, although I haven't inserted it yet. Thanks again mate

Quote originally posted by altariaking:

huh? don't you mean Flandre Scarlet???//??/?!1?
anyway, nice updates and I like the titlescreen, good work

Thank you for your support.

Quote originally posted by X-Buster:
ops, got mixed up with the FS and TS thingie, anyway, edited.

xD it's fine.


I've inserted a new Mart and PokeCenter, made by WesleyFG and bits edited by me.

Also, I've inserted some new music for the Trainer battle. You can watch the video below:

Oh and I've also inserted a Gym Leader song, but the video is still uploading, so it should be done tomorrow. After that, I'll touch up Twilight City and move on to the Route below it.

Thanks guys!