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Originally Posted by Shubalabab View Post
Nice Hacks,Im waiting For The Betas/Alphas
1. This is NOT a hack
2. There won't be any form of the game to download until we get to The Showcase
3. Don't post in my thread again unless you have a real comment or critique.

Originally Posted by brokenxnote View Post
Not. A. Hack. And the game is still in the DRAWING BOARD section so you may end up waiting quite a while for those betas...

Drawing Board = rough draft area. It's like someone wrote a paragraph and you said you're waiting for the novel lmao. Might as well have gone ahead and said you were waiting for the full game to be released xD.
Lol thanks for the clarification brokenxnote

Anyways, we have two new team members, TheLegendaryMew and dudleyspud. There are Team Techno Sky's storyline writer and mapper. We are busy coding things for the game now and also starting the storyline so expect an update in the next week or so :D
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