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Originally Posted by thia12 View Post
Are you kidding me? He asked a question which easily could've been answered with a nice "I dont know." and yes i do know how annoying it is, and he didnt complain about the amount of time this game would take, open your eyes wise boy. He just asked a general question.

And since im new, im not allowed to ask someone a question? Im so sorry i dont just spam the forum with useless shet to get my authority.
And why are you accusing me of defending him, when you're doing the excact same. I'm sure he's a big boy and can speak for himself. Who died and made you Mod?

Now hush. I grow tired of this tomfoolery lmao.
Ok I was in quite a bad mood last night, so I'm gonna type this better before it turns into a flame war and infractions are handed out:

1. No, it's not that you're not allowed to ask a question. It's that when you're new to ANY place, you don't go around giving attitude when you aren't even involved in the conversation, jumping into things.

2. He IS a big boy and CAN stand up for himself. You didn't even need to GIVE attitude. I'm not speaking for Neo-Spriteman, if you didn't notice. I was speaking directly to you. I didn't defend Neo-Spriteman, I gave my opinion on your attitude.

3. You don't HAVE authority, nor do I, so you really can't go around telling people "Why don't YOU answer his question?" The fact that you haven't been here means you don't KNOW anyone here, which is why I said you shouldn't go around giving attitude.

4. I DID read the post carefully. He may not have said it in a complaining way, but the fact that he mentioned it still irks me, and clearly Neo too.

Now if you still have a problem with my reply, PM me about it so we don't get infractions for flaming each other.
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