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Has anyone got any ideas for Mystery Dungeon challenges? I know that most of the conventional challenges would be pretty hard/impossible to do because you and your partner have to be different types, but still. I also realise that the Mystery Dungeon games take EONS to complete, so any threads would probably die before anyone completed the challenge. It's just that I have so many spare MD cartridges and I'd love to do a couple of challenges on them.

Here are some challenges I thought of for MD. Not amazing, but still. Worth chucking out there for opinions.

~ No Gummis - no eating gummis, so no IQ increase. Cuts off some useful IQ skills (such as nonsleeper).
~ No Held Items - Held items are a large part of MD, so a challenge where you can't use them could be... Challenging.
~ No Recruiting - Just you and your partner all the way through. I know quite a few people do this anyway, so perhaps not.
~ No Power Ups - Such as Ginseng and Protein/Iron etc. Possibly used in conjuction with the No Gummi challenge.
~ No Wonder Orbs - No using Orbs. Could be a challenge for those who rely on Petrify Orbs or the like to see them through Monster Houses.
~ A challenge where only you use Moves - turn moves off for your partner and only let them use their regular attack.
~ No Extra Dungeons - Only visit the dungeons essential to the storyline.

What do you lot think? Any potential for an MD challenge or two, or is it best to focus on the main games?
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