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Mirage Hacking Productions

We welcome all hackers, new and old. We are a fairly serious hacking team and we are not asking you to be active 24/7, however we do need your co-operation during the time whenever each and everyone of us needs help with one another to create a high standard hack that everyone may enjoy. This shall be a semi-social team, meaning that it's centered about freindship, having good time and of course a little chit chat.

Right now, the team is in need of:
  • Scripter
  • Spriter
  • Mappers
  • Music Composers
  • Graphics Manager (Tile Inseter, World-Map Editor, Titlescreen Editor)
If you are interested please fill-up the requirements below, the most important requirement is basic english and knowledge of rom-hacking.

Name: Name or username.
The position your applying for.
Proof of Work:
You need a proof to show off for me to decide whether your in or not.
Past Experiences/Past Projects:
Feel free to state the hacks you have worked on as well as your own hack.
Your email address.
Thank you for your time.

Current Team Members
• Faline Team Leader / Mapper / LiL' Scripting
• Binary → Co-Leader / Scripter
• Zeffy → Co-Leader / Scripter / Mapper
• Trebuh → Head Graphics (On-Leave)
• X-Buster → ASM Hacker
• Tropical Sunlight → Scripter / Mapper / Tile Inserter
• Alignment → Spriter / Scripter
• Solspear → Spriter
• angel → Storyline Developer
• Destiny Demon → Scripter / Tile Inserter
• The Scarecrow Toxin → Overworld Spriter
• altariaking → Tile Inserter
• Griin. → Mapper / Graphics
• TB Pro → Scripter / Mapper
• Flandre Scarlet → Graphics


Pokémon Cosmo Latte
I present to you, Pokemon Cosmo Latte (was once called Pokemon Cerise), a hack based from Fire-Red, and actually this is the hack I've been working on for months but haven't had the time to finish it since I've been busy with life. But thanks to my team, They've been helping me progress this project and I'm very grateful to that.

The Story:
Once upon a time there was believed to be a magic. A magic which has been lost in time. This magic was said to be able to turn light into darkness. It was also said that this magic was hidden in a pokemon. A pokemon that could harness power from its surroundings. For centuries, maybe even all eternity, it has been hiding. Hiding within the deep depths of space. Now the time for it to stay hidden has passed. Its time that Earth knows what fear is.

Living in Sinopia Town was a boy named Lester. This day of his life will become a special day for him. Today he gets a chance to see what his brother, Professor Boris, has been working on.

However, things didn't go according to plan. It began with Lester excitedly walking outside and went to his brother's laboratory. He entered the laboratory. Lester noticed his brother was no where to be found. He searched the lab for his brother until he noticed a pokeball on a table, On closer look he realized there was a letter tapped to it. The letter was from his brother and stated:

"Dear Lester, this is the thing I have been telling you all about. I have come to the conclusion that it is a pokemon. I'ved found it to be a pokemon, but I haven't figured out anything about it. I don't know its strength, power or limitations---"

Why isn't the letter finished? Lester thought as he stared at the unfinished sentence. Why didn't my brother tell me he was leaving? He always tells me if he's going to visit a friend, mostly, the Pokémon champion,

Now this is where you come in, you need to figure out the mysterious secrets surrounding this pokemon. You also need to find out where your brother went. Do you think you're up to it?


Coming soon...

Pokémon Blue Moon
Flandre Scarlet presents Pokemon Blue Moon, a hack based from Fire-Red.

The Story:
1000 years ago, when the region of Exten was one piece of land, ruins on the east side of the region were known as the Darkrai Ruins. Many explorers have been into the ruins, none have returned since. 1000 years after (present), the Exten region is now separated into 4 different islands. The Calco, Sento, Gamma and Forte Islands. Sento Islands is where the Darkrai Ruins are located. The entrance has been tightly sealed, and rumours have it that the seal will be unbroken when the "Hero" is exposed in front of the Darkrai Ruins. Your the son of a Berry Researcher. You bring home one day, a very old and dried up Berry. The Berry is over 1000 years old. Could this be one of the Berries that one of the explorers took when they went exploring into the deep, dark depths of the Darkrai Ruins? Why are the ruins called Darkrai Ruins? It is because Darkrai is rumoured to been spotted on top of the ruins 1000 years ago. When Darkrai got a crowd, he completely vanished and left everyone wondering. Your quest is to discover the myth of the Darkrai Ruins, explore the 4 islands of the Exten region, conquer the Elite Four and become the new champion of Exten.


Pokémon Iridium
Griin. presents Pokemon Iridium, a hack based from Fire-Red.

The Story:
In Yishira trainers start their adventure when they are 10 years old.
You've just reched 10 and you can get your first Pokemon. Professor Orchid let you choice between 3 Yishira starter Pokemon. He also tells you that there is a team in Yishira causing major problems to weather so this is why there are no seasons in this region. You decided to find out what this team is doing...


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