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Originally Posted by cadgod120 View Post
Your game has great potential, Oliver (may I simply call you that?) but, alas I have some gripes with the visuals.

-The absence of new tiles are definitely understandable. This game is just barely getting on its feet.
-I saw someone mention the shadow differences for Eben and Ivy's OW sprites, and I hope that is being fixed soon.
-Staying on OW sprites, Eben's hair looks a to me. It seems very wide compared to the rest of his body. No complaints on Ivy's OW.
-Hero/Heroine Sprites. I like Eben's sprite, simple, but good enough for a classic hero. Ivy however, looks more like a Gym Leader. The extremely long hair seems too much for a heroine.

Thar's all for me, and I hope to see more progress soon!

Thanks for the critique. The shadow difference as stated before by Oliver was just a lazy mistake, and has already been fixed. Thanks for telling us about Eben's OW hair, it doesn't completely match his trainer sprite. Also thanks for commenting on Ivy's hair, that and Eben's OW will be fixed as soon as possible.
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