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Quote originally posted by shiny quagsire:
I believe it's special AB, which is unknown in XSE's guide. Here'd the code for rock smash:
#org 0x1BE00C
special 0x187
compare LASTRESULT 0x2
if 0x1 goto 0x81A7AE0
checkflag 0x825
if 0x0 goto 0x81BE091
checkattack 0xF9
compare LASTRESULT 0x6
if 0x1 goto 0x81BE091
setanimation 0x0 LASTRESULT
bufferpartypokemon 0x0 LASTRESULT
bufferattack 0x1 0xF9
msgbox 0x81BE09D MSG_YESNO '"This rock appears to be breakable...."
compare LASTRESULT 0x0
if 0x1 goto 0x81BE09A
msgbox 0x81BDFD7 MSG_KEEPOPEN '"[buffer1] used [buffer2]!"
doanimation 0x25
goto 0x81BE06F

'--------------- #org 0x1A7AE0 release end

'--------------- #org 0x1BE091 msgbox 0x81BE0E2 MSG_SIGN '"It's a rugged rock, but a POKéMON\..." end

'--------------- #org 0x1BE09A closeonkeypress releaseall end

'--------------- #org 0x1BE06F applymovement LASTTALKED 0x81BE08F waitmovement 0x0 hidesprite LASTTALKED special 0xAB compare LASTRESULT 0x0 if 0x1 goto 0x81BE08D waitstate releaseall end

'--------------- #org 0x1BE08D releaseall end

'--------- ' Strings '--------- #org 0x1BE09D = This rock appears to be breakable.\nWould you like to use ROCK SMASH?

#org 0x1BDFD7 = [buffer1] used [buffer2]!

#org 0x1BE0E2 = It's a rugged rock, but a POKéMON\nmay be able to smash it.

'----------- ' Movements '----------- #org 0x1BE08F #raw 0x68 'mov68 #raw 0xFE 'End of Movements

I think that's it! Try it out in a script and see what you get.


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