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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
Wouldn't it make much more sense to disable the Kanto Pokedex and expand the National Pokedex? All you would need to do is ASM out the option to open the Kanto Dex, and in the game, use the flag to enable the Pokedex, followed by the flag for enabling the National Dex. I'm no ASM hacker, neither do I have knowledge in that area, but it would be a touch easier that way. That's my two cents anyways, I don't know if it would help any.
Not really. This method involves changing a few bytes, the way you've suggested required writing a completely new routine to go around the Kanto-dex.

Originally Posted by Xenesis View Post
What that probably means that each of the routines used to generate pokedex screens likely have their own checks. If editing one thing only fixes some of the data, then quite simply you'll have to do some more digging.
Yes, but I can't seem to locate the other checks. :\
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