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A dull episode for the Pokeathlon. I suppose it wasn't good in the anime, after all.

The music went rather slow when it panned down to them, I thought, like they're clumsy and slow. Well, Ash didn't know what the trampoline was, I suppose.

- "What's that?" "Looks like a trampoline" -_-
- Urgh, what's up with Snorlax's voice??
- They never heard of Pokeathlon, the liars -_-
- Contest means you can't participate? -_-
- Hey, wait, we had an episode like this before. That Johto guy with the Sizor
- Huh, the scnientist guy sounds familiar...Barry?
- Urf, this is a dull episode for Pokeathlon's...
- NOOOOO punching Staraptor was HORRIBLE
- is better than heart? This is a weird lesson, Pokemon o__o Wtf...
- Why couldn't Dawn compete in the Pokeathlon??

Music kept: (4)

Pokeathlon introduction
TR Sinnoh theme remix
DPPt Gym Battle theme
Route 212 (I think o.O)
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