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I would add the general caveat that you should be careful about how you explain the nature of the virus, why it's logically able to give people the ability to morph/turn them into morphs/etc., why the same virus turns two different people into two different and possibly entirely unrelated species (scizor and espeon, say), so on and so forth. More mature, serious readers tend to tire of pokémorph stories very quickly because the authors just want "people with pokémon powers" and throw together some slipshod excuse that, in the end, makes very little logical sense (see the groan-inducingly typical "um well Team Rocket did it *vague distracting handwave*", though it looks like you're steering away from that and its ilk so far). You probably don't have to launch into a whole genetics lesson, but you're going to have to work a bit harder to make it believable than someone writing another genre precisely because it comes with such a heavy stigma attached. If you haven't already, I'd suggest reading Dragonfree's Morphic--much more logical take on morphs than one usually sees, and well-written in general. Dragonfree's morphs are still intentionally created, not an accidental mutation caused by a virus, but it could still give you some ideas.

Actually, once you've established a pretty firm explanation for how these morphs came to be, it might help you iron out some of the details of the battle system. To what degree are these people morphed? How does it affect their stamina, their mentality (i.e. do they take on some pokémon instincts along with their human intelligence? Does it make them more aggressive)? How much abuse, especially in the form of elemental attacks, are they capable of taking? How powerful are the attacks they can use? This can help you determine, for example, whether or not they're actually battling with the intent to knock one another out, or whether it's expected that the loser cries uncle before he/she is too badly injured (which might be what you want if single competitors constantly being knocked silly is one of your concerns).

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