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Quote originally posted by redsaber5859:
Hm slave challenge
You would go through with only pokemon that are hm slaves, such as a bibarel with strength, cut, surf, and I forgot what else lol, you must have all pokemon the pat know an hm, and to make it more challenging, ONLY out of battle moves, like sweet scent, hms, dig, etc.
Quote originally posted by myrrhman:
That's sort of similar-but-actually-opposite to pachy's challenge. I see this one being more feasible, with significantly fewer rules. One thing you might want to add in is that once your Pokemon learns an HM, it can only use that HM, unless it learns another HM. So like, if you had a Bibarel that knew Cut, Rock Smash, Waterfall, and Hyper Beam, you couldn't use Hyper Beam.
...That's a horrible idea really. I considered that myself when composing my post, but I figured that would be far far too difficult since that severely limits the movepool to a tiny percentage. You would not be able to successfully complete the game without a lot of grinding. Most HMs don't do a terrible amount of damage. (You'd need a level 100 Pokemon to clear the e4)
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