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Author: Dr. Octogonapus
Engine: RPG Maker VX


Twilight Requiem is a project that has already been into one year of extensive planning, sketching, and compiling. This project, was originally indented for the RPG Maker XP program. Alas, there are something's that the program lacks. The same can be said for the program, RPG Maker VX, but it's just something I'll just have to work with really. Now to get to the fun part, introducing the game!

It's time to embark on an exciting, yet twisted adventure that will take you into the world of Rio!

In order to complete this enigmatic odyssey, you will have to associate yourself with the plethora of various and unique characters within the odd lands. You'll have to dive to the deepest oceans, climb some of the tallest mountains, embark on a angelic trip to the heavens, and plummet straight to the depths of hell in order to find out all the information you can about this evil. When the said evil, can corrupt anyone and manipulate the very souls of those around you, trust only those you can and no one else. You must unlock the secret of this evil and soothe it's burning hatred of the land of Rio before its too late; there isn't much time left before the Aeon of Ashen arrives!

In this exciting adventure, you'll embark on an incredible odyssey to lands uncharted! You discover an evil that is slowly building throughout the land and you want absolutely no part of it; alas, you end up becoming a major target for the said fiends. Fighting your way through an odd dimension of bizarre creatures, dangerous behemoths, and powerful foes; you meet a plethora of characters whilst some are potential allies others are definite foes. Recruiting both friends and foes on this wondrous journey, you'll soon learn as to why you are being targeted by so many creatures within this strange place. You'll learn that all of your foes have been nothing but child's play compared to the malignancies that soon await you as you close in on your destination to return back home. With fear and tensions between friends rising along with the lives of literally thousands hanging in the balance, failure is NOT an option.

Will you accept the challenge?


Rein is just a simple senior in high school; readying for his final project for his Theater Art class; a re-enactment of an ancient legend that many has been told throughout the generations. He along with his younger sister, Elysia, are both key characters within the story. However, during the climax of the story, a terrified scream erupts from backstage followed by an abrupt silence. The program is halted and as if on cue, three children leap onto the stage; covered in armor and dangerous looking scythes in hand; it was then, a bloodied girl runs out from behind stage, Rein instantly recognized her as the girl he'd been crushing on; Ariyana. He couldn't remember what role she'd been given, but her outfit had been nearly torn off and she was weakly stumbling about due to blood loss. Suddenly, Rein's attention snapped back to his sister, who'd been dragged backstage... What became of her and who the HELL gave scythes to children?!

Rein Hassen

Age: 17
Species: Human
Place of Origination: Unknown
Class: Celric
Biography: Rein is the unfortunate protagonist of this escapade; kidnapped from his own school he was dumped on the top of Skein Mountain to freeze to death by apparent children covered in armor. Now, he's trapped in this odd place with nowhere to go and on the verge of death, he sees a young girl calling out to him; as he blacks out, the vision of the girl horrifically morphs for young and elegant to decaying along with hideous. He looks dead into those bloody eyes as the words, " Guess who's back..." echo in his head. He has an incredible amount of holy power and hidden powers he's yet to unlock, but with his cowardly and arrogant nature, it'll be a challenge to unlock it. Reincarnation of legendary warrior, Kodi.

Nevada Kanipu

Age: 20
Species: Elf
Place of Origination: Exasim Village
Class: Mage
Biography: When first introduced, Nevada is a very rude, arrogant, and self-centered woman. While she is the main female protagonist of this story, she'd rather have nothing to do with Rein at all. Having fled her village due to their hypocritical regimes and the relentless training schedules, she severed all ties from her former homeland. She is a kind and collected, but serious elven-like girl who prefers to get the job done then, rather than procrastinate and wait. She was found and saved by Rein from the clutches of a Tundra Phantom. She finds out that he's human then he explains the entire situation; she then tells him as to why he's here and what those things were that kidnapped him. She has a very bloody lineage but has a huge terror of blood; she likes collecting plastic spoons and possesses multiple weapons, her strongest being her Flail.

Krayde Kagaxe

Age: 493 (( Appears 35 ))
Species: Unknown
Place of Origination: Unknown
Class: Knight/Priest
Biography: Krayde is the oldest, but most wisest of the group. He and Rein do not see eye to eye once they first meet, due to Rein's appearance. However, after Nevada nearly pummeled him for being "quite rude" to her about her height, he agreed to work with the human. He has multiple scars from his war-torn past and a notable cut across his face from a creature that Rein' had seen before. After testing their worthiness, Krayde joins up with Rein and Nevada; bidding the abandoned church goodbye. He carries a holy blade that had been passed down in his clan for multiple years, Kazama. Krayde is also VERY hypocritical about his profession and has a horrible tendency use vulgarity when it isn't needed. He's quite blunt and isn't afraid to tell you what he thinks..

Kyoko Kurenai

Age: 24
Species: Unknown
Place of Origination: Kinsa Village
Class: Witch
Biography: Kyoko is a young woman who is haunted by tramatic dreams; to everyone else, she's a beautiful woman who is known by her looks, skills, kindness, and wisdom. Yet, in reality, she is a woman who has to flee from the forces of darkness by taking on a new form for her own safety. While she has a kind attitude towards others, to those who know here, she's a very timid woman; while not much can intimidate her, thanks to the horrific dreams that plague her, she can be thrown off guard very easily. She is normally seen when Krayde. The mere mention of their non-existent relationship, can make her go as red as the blood-dipped edge of a Phantom's feather.


Age: ???
Species: Phantom
Place of Origination: Hell -- Presumed
Class: Demon
Biography: Kurodame is one of the rare female Phantoms. While she is doing her duties, she is a very stern and relentless leader. However, when she is first introduced, she is a very childish and bratty girl. She takes note of the human and then comments how he's 'not too shabby.' Not much else is known about this creature aside from the fact that she is the commanding officer of the Phantoms and the Dark Lord's attendant. She is most feared for her petrifying kiss.




New Status/Menu Appearance
Custom Title System
Custom Battle System!
Day/Night System
Overdrive System
Item Categorization
... And much more!


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Uh... thanks for reading! This is my first actual game that I've given mostly any effort to; I hope some people enjoy this, if you have any suggestions, please let me know! I'll take all criticism, suggestions/ideas into consideration! This game does have a bit of foul language in it, so, if you're offended by that, them please don't play it! From the criticism from you all, this game used to be Art of the Rite.. Now, it's Twilight Requiem. I've been experimenting, learning from my mistakes, and I truly hope this game will turn out to be one to remember!

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