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Originally Posted by JX Valentine View Post
(Six-on-six technically isn't even all that traditional. Think about how many trainers in the games or the anime use their full roster against another trainer. That kind of thing is usually reserved for special battles; most of the trainers in either canon carry around less than that, while the game's hero avatar usually only needs a handful to take out NPCs.)
You caught your own mistake right there. NPCs are not human; they cannot think for themselves. They are programmed to be easy to beat in the storyline. When a real human competes against another real human, both wants to win, therefore both will use whatever it takes to win. If you have taken part in competitive battling (Wifi, Shoddy etc), you will know that many players use Pokémon that compliment each other (eg. Celetran, SkarmBliss), revolve around a general strategy (eg. defensive teams, weather teams, Trick Room teams) or help the main attacker reach its potential (eg. Suicidal Stealth Rock leads, Baton Passers, Memento and Dual Screen users). It is highly unlikely to find a filler unless the team can function efficiently with five members or less. It's all about the teamwork.

The anime can afford to have a smaller team because one-on-one battles are more common, and they are very likely to be friendly competitions in which a loss is not really something to cry about. In a war, you either kill, be killed or both when forced to fight.

Originally Posted by JX Valentine View Post
Of course, you could potentially have a tag-team battle happen, where morphs team up with other morphs to fight. Some might even "switch in" if the single opponent they're battling happens to have advantages over them. Professional wrestling actually does this kind of thing a lot. It might give you some ideas on how to go about doing it.
Sounds like a good idea. I'll look into it.

I have been thinking about something. What if there are more than one virus created for the same war in the past? How does this idea of a virus race sound?

The Pokérus affects all Pokémon, so the humans on one side of the war genetically modified the virus beforehand in an effort to at least weaken enemy Pokémon. The new Pokérus eliminates whatever immunity the host had instead of promoting its growth. Think of it as a Pokémon HIV. They also developed a vaccine for their Pokémon, with its data was stored in the computer system and classified as top military secret. Spies risked their lives trying to steal the information, but found it easier to just permanently delete it. The research team had to start from scratch. Unfortunately, the GM Pokérus was somehow accidentally released before the project was completed. It was already too late by the time the vaccine was ready. There were no more Pokémon to save. That war became the first war with battles between humans only.

The same thing basically happens at the meanwhile on the other side with two big differences. The humans genetically modified another virus, this one to kill people. They, of course, also developed a vaccine for their side of the war. For a while, everything went as expected. They were winning as their human enemies were dying to both the virus and the usual dangers of war.

Back to the Pokérus modifiers' side. There was a huge loss of manpower, so the other side of the war still had advantage. It was a do-or-die situation. People became desperate. Anything that sounds remotely plausible was given a shot. A second research team was employed to produce a counter the virus. How they do it does not matter, as long as it works; they can make virus-proof barrier, they can come up with an appropriate gene therapy, they can attempt to steal the blueprints of the vaccine, they can create their own vaccine from the samples of virus... Whatever. Anything. Even other experts think up of their own ways. The government had offered an attractive reward to the creator of the most effective virus counter.

I am still thinking of how to conclude the war.
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