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Quote originally posted by Masterge77:
What are you going to do with the second Pokemon saga game, there's very little you can change with Emerald, it's basically perfect the way it is.......

Either way, I like this hack, it's kinda like what I actually had in mind for FR/LG (because they were too much like the original R/B/Y while HG/SS had some major changes, making it feel more like a whole new game rather than a remake)

Also, will all 151 pokemon be available?
This is what I'm going to do with, "Pokemon Saga - Emerald":
*Make Wally your full time rival
*Brendan/May is no longer your rival, but now a pseudo rival, similar to Dawn/Lucas/Lyra/Ethan in D/P/Pt/HG/SS
*Completely redo the graphics
*Fix up Gym Leader teams
*Add a small sidequest after E4, and after completing it the E4 will get higher levels, just like in FR/LG/Platinum/HG/SS
*Completely re-work scripts near the beginning since Brendan/May is no longer your rival
*Your first Pokemon battle will be with Wally
*Fix some incorrect dialogue
*Completely redo the Magma & Aqua Admin teams, since they're really weak
*Add Magma Admin Courtney, who was present in Pokemon Ruby but for some reason removed in Pokemon Emerald, even though Aqua Admins Shelly and Matt both appeared in Emerald
*Insert an earlier battle with Archie
*Redo Archie and Maxie's teams since they're kinda weak
*I might make Steven the Champion like in R/S, because when he says he's the Hoenn Champion in HG/SS even though Wallace is supposed to be the Hoenn Champion. This would also mean I might kill Juan and make Wallace the 8th Gym Leader.
*Add a place in the Battle Frontier called, "Violet Giftshop"

And yes, in DarkViolet, there will actually be 386 Pokemon available. I'm going to add a place called "Emerald Giftshop" in the Battle Frontier, where you could "buy" a bunch of Hoenn Pokemon. In my future Emerald hack, I'm going to add a place called, "Violet Giftshop" in the Battle Frontier where you could "buy" a bunch of Kanto Pokemon.

And for DarkViolet, if I can ever figure out how to hack the regional dex without hacking the national dex, then there will be a new Kanto dex with 201 Pokemon.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this earlier, but here's Viridian City: