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To do the Mew Glitch:

1. Avoid Youngster next to Nugget Bridge (Has a Slowpoke)
2. Avoid Gambler next to Saffron City that's facing north.
3. Have Fly.
4. Go underground from Celadon to Lavendar, stopping as soon as you leave the house without taking any steps and save.
5. Take one step down and immediately hit start. If you do it right, you'll open the start screen, but the guy will see you. Fly to Cerulean. Note: your start menu won't be able to open.
6. Hunt down the guy with a Slowpoke. Note: he has to take a step towards you, he can't see you and battle without moving. After the battle, your start screen will work again.
7. Fly to Lavendar Town.
8. Try to leave towards Saffron. Your start menu will automatically open, and when you close out, you'll fight Mew.

Does anyone know of a website that tells base stats for pokemon in Red/Blue/Yellow? Every site I find just has the new stats (with Special Atk. separate from Special Def.). Or, does anyone know if there's a way to calculate the old Special Stat from the new stats?