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Well, I've decided that the mailbags were a bad idea. They came in a LONG time after any post (usually) and so nobody ever bothered to chack back. Plus, they were lengthy and far-in-between, so...
All other updates and responses will just be one screenshot, one reply, ect.
Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
Hmm... the updates and the scripts are great, but
you should remove the hat for the Hero.
It will be better, because it'll be turned into a new OW then.
If I had an OW spriter, then could do that, but...
Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
I like the new tiles that you've chosen and I look forward to playing the new beta, because the old one was satisfying.
Thanks. My MSN has been spazzing out recently, so I can't see who chose the tiles...
Originally Posted by sir.euge View Post
Yes the old beta made me want to do a video playthrough but I was dissapointed when it ended so fast. So can we download the new beta already or do we still have to wait?
You'll have to wait a while longer, but hopefully not that much.
I just need to get to the length of B2 (city-wise, not storywise [the story will have a lot more content]) and then the B2 Redux will be released!
Originally Posted by aSeRo141414 View Post
This is good! I just play it! Nice scripts... :D
Okay, pretty generic, but thanks!
Originally Posted by MrTheWilliam View Post
no one guessed the change... I will take a swing at it. You changed the font its darker (shadowed?) in the latter ones compared with the first. really looking forward to this being finished.
Yeah, you're the only one who bothered. And yes, the font is darker, but it also has the right widths when compared to D/P/P/HG/SS. Before, it was determined with something else, but now I actually looked at the widths on my Diamond game.
The shadowing also helps, right?
Originally Posted by gamefreak6597 View Post
intresting hack! looks great. keep going
Again, generic, but I still like it when people post at all, so thanks! :D
Originally Posted by Tomackze View Post
I F*ing love Mikachu. It looks so cool! So excited and hope this gets finished. I want to ask how far does beta 2.16 go though. Thanks

Oh yeah... and your website looks awesome BTW!

Also when you update the betas, are you going to change the beginning? I like to continue from a save but if it isn't a smart idea, then I won't go crazy training and instead will just test my pokemon. Oh and does Mikachu evolve?

Edited: Few things I've noticed while playing

1. I love Mikachu even more, love the attacks that it holds. Great job giving it Thundershock, Confusion, and Transform... Nice touch.

2. One thing I think would be awesome is if you put the levels and move list on your website. That way we know what moves it can learn and at what level it learns them. So far all I know is that it learns Teleport and Disable at level 10.

3. I wanted to ask how far this game goes? And the thing with the save would be interesting too...
Didn't you see the previous 3 updates? I started over from scratch on a new FR base, so NOTHING will be compatible, not your save, not most of your Pokémon, not even Mikachu.

If you trade over Mikachu from B2 to B3, it'll turn into Mewtwo (because Mikachu's slot in B2 was Mewtwo's) and, gladly, in B3 I managed to get Mikachu into one of the empty 25 slots. :D

Mikachu does not evolve, because evolutions and breeding and stuff like that is just too hard to handle. Besides, in B3, Mikachu is a genetic splice, so it wouldn't make sense for it to evolve. (Except, maybe, just maybe, for an event. Who knows?)

Thanks! It took me a while to come up with a good balance between Psychic moves and Electric.

Like I said on the home page, most of the things in my website are not finished yet, including the mostly-finished Mikachu page.

The game goes up to the (unfinished) Klindor City, aka the 4th city you go to.

To everyone, sorry I was doing the mailbags, I'll reply to each post now (if they actually have some content and are not generic) by themselves. :D

And guess what? I got that new computer!
Runs fast, plays fast, and doesn't crash every hour or so!!! :D:D:D:D:D
Also, on a side note, B3 has been put on pause for a while - at least until I get B1 of another hack out. Sorry.

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