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Welcome to Competitions. This forum is to present threads in which relate to ongoing or seasonal competitions regarding the Art Gallery and it's Sub Forums; Pixel Art, Pixel Projects and Graphics & Photography. The threads posted here will consist of voting, posting entries and discussion on the competitions at hand. There are some restrictions before you post a new thread however, there are also things you need to know before you make a post. So please take the time to read the below rules and guidelines.

Rules & Guidelines for the Competition Forum

→ 1. Remember that the competitions held here are for art, therefore you should be courteous towards other members as you would anywhere else (read and obey the forum wide rules) and treat them and their works of art with respect.

→ 2. Before you post here, or in any of the Art Gallery's sub forums, be sure you've read the Art Gallery Rules.

→ 3. Most importantly, before you even think of posting a thread, be sure you have the staff member's consent. If you wish to start a contest, PM the relevant staff member. They will be listed within this thread. If you wish to post a thread directly relating to the Art Gallery and not one of the sub-forums, contact myself and I shall let you know if it can go ahead or not.

→ 4. You are not permitted to use anyone else's work when entering something into a contest. In other words, do not plagiarize. If you do, you will receive 4 permanent infraction points and will be excluded from the competition or worse.

→ 5. Always be sure you've read the rules of the competition also. The original poster of the thread should include some specific guidelines on what the contest entails. If you have any questions regarding a competition or are unsure about a specific rule; I would encourage you to post in the Q&A/Discussion with your concern, whatever it might be.

→ 6. Be sure you've read the rules to the section corresponding to the competition you have an interest in. Here are the corresponding sections:
Art Gallery - Graphics and Photography - Pixel Art

→ 7. If you are content on stepping down as a host, you must contact the forum specific moderator or myself as soon as possible.

→ 8. The only members in which are permitted to create threads within this section are the respective hosts (with a moderator's consent) or the moderator's within the Art Gallery who are currently Abnegation, Anastasia.R & Logiedan.

→ 9. Be sure to keep your eye on the rules as this thread shall show you who the hosts are and the current competitions running right now.

Please remember that if you have any suggestions for a contest, you must contact eitherAbnegation, Anastasia.R or Logiedan depending on the section it relates to. This is all a matter of fun so don't be shy about suggesting something, we're more than happy to hear member's showing an interest.

Current Competitions and Their Hosts

Tag of the Fortnight - [TotF] → Hosted by Abnegation - Graphics & Photography related.

Icon of the Week - [IotW] → Hosted by Abnegation - Graphics & Photography related.

Pixel Art of the Week - [PAOTW] → Last hosted by Spherical Ice &
Logiedan - Pixel Art related. [ON HOLD]

Photograph of the Fortnight - [POTF] → Last hosted by
Forever - Graphics and Photography related. [ON HOLD]

Weekly Pixel Contest - [WPC] → Hosted by Logiedan - Pixel Art related.

Draw Me a... - [DM] → Hosted by Anastasia.R - Art Gallery related.

Current Awards

Tag of the Week Emblem

Granted to those who have nabbed enough votes in the TotF contest.

Icon of the Week/Icontest Emblem

Granted to those who have nabbed enough votes in the IotW contest.

Draw me Emblem

Given to those who draw something good enough to impress the host!

More to come.

Enjoy posting in Competitions and be sure you follow the rules.
Competitions Moderators:
Abnegation - PM. (Graphics & Photography)
Anastasia.R - PM. (Art Gallery) Logiedan - PM. (Pixel Art)



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