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Please stop being lazy with requests. Saying "GBA size" is completely useless to me, as the map of Hoenn from Ruby is much bigger than the ones of Kanto and the Sevii islands in FireRed. Equally, don't be a plonker and request a map that's huge and ask me to fit it onto one map at these sizes. If you're hacking FireRed, and you need a big map, I can split it into as many as four, but otherwise, a multi-region map isn't going to work (*cough* redsaber *cough*).

So, if you've asked for something so vague that it's impossible to create, please either edit your post and make sure to tell me or repost it. This is mainly going out to DPG, redsaber and vietazn, but several of these requests seem like you've just put them together quickly without thinking about them. I do this for pretty much nothing, so at least grant me a little respect by spending some time making a good, thought-out request. Thanks. That goes for everyone.

Anyway, enough griping. I'm working on the ones I know the sizes for. Here's the first: