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Originally Posted by ArthurMaker View Post
Olá, JV! \ o /
O seu projeto está progredindo bastante! Está ficando muito bom.
Estou adorando os novos gráficos. Queria uma equipe boa assim pra me ajudar a fazer o Pokémon Millenary Legend! XD

Enfim, vc está se superando nesse jogo. Meus parabens! Estou gostando muito de ver como o seu jogo tá =D

Boa sorte na produção dele, e continue assim! ^^

Hello, JV!\ O /

Your project is progressing well! It's getting pretty good.

I'm loving the new graphics. I wanted a good team like that to help me make the Pokémon Millenary Legend! XD

Anyway, if you're beating this game. My congratulations! I am really enjoying seeing how your game okay =D

Good luck in the production of it, and keep it up! ^^
Thanks man, I`m glad you are still supporting the project!!

Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
Dammit, I always forget to read the gender and usually end up thinking if the person is male/female based on their avatar, sorry Zeph!
Haha, no problem.(I think)

Originally Posted by fanboy View Post
the menu is having some problems
Again, the old demo isnt supported anymore.

So PC people, Im getting back soon so if you have any suggestions for the next update, tell me =). You can be as much specific as you want and Ill try to bring it to ya! Also, what do you guys think of me removing the demo download link from the topic since its so old?
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