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For me, it is both with my fic - I write it because it is fun, and also in that I like to try to entertain others as well.

In comedy, it's important to have accessible jokes so that others find it funny; that is, if you even intend on putting the comedy up to other people at all. If you're writing personally, not showing your work to anybody, then you can totally include that absolutely HILARIOUS dancing purple sock song you made when you were seven. But if you do intend for your comedy to be read by others, be it from being posted on the Internet or just handed to your friend by manuscript, they expect humor that they can appreciate. If they don't appreciate the dancing purple sock song or what have ye, then the entire purpose of the story is lost.
This and on the previous mentions of injokes, have to agree - injokes are all well and good but balance is indeed important - if you want everyone to enjoy the fic's humour then it can't be all injokes as it will go over their heads. I use a fair number of injokes myself... some I have managed to incoperate into a gettable joke anyway (so that it's funny for two reasons - ie it's a joke anyone can get, and also an injoke only a certain person/s will get for a different reason), and other instancs I just have it as an aside - so it doesn't serve as a punchline for the normal reader, but just seems like a normal detail anyways so it doesn't stick out... well so I try anyway. XD

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