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Quote originally posted by Leaf Shinigami:
Meowth updated so why didn't you! Just kidding, seriously though glad to hear your on the MSB team and I hope to see this in The Showcase soon!


Quote originally posted by tomatoman:
The screenshots are amazing and he tilework is awesome. The only thing that you could work on is the spelling and grammar.

I'm horrid at grammar, lol, i have someone to check.

Quote originally posted by Poeman:
I thought of instead of arguing how easy it was and complaining, I would show you how easy it is.

around 5 minutes in MSPaint, and it makes more sense than yours.

This looks good, i'll try to fix my tent ...

Quote originally posted by Poeman:
@brokenxnote Sorry I don't mean to :[

Also upon examining this, I think the room may be a tad too big for the tent.

I'll try to fix this too ... i think you're right on that one, another thing i may try is to make the room a bit darker so it seems more tent-like

Quote originally posted by brokenxnote:
Also, I just noticed in the screencap with the tent [exterior], you have a typo, Avatar. It's "weary," not "weiry." A few punctuation and spacing errors too, but there probably hasn't been a spelling/grammar check yet, so no need to nitpick on something that isn't the final project. Maybe you should run the dialogue through spellcheck/grammarcheck on Word or something? Or just get a new team member to do it [GrammarNazi position].

I have a grammar nazi ... he's called meowth, lol, he will get the first copy of the game ...

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