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Originally Posted by Leaf Shinigami View Post
Meowth updated so why didn't you! Just kidding, seriously though glad to hear your on the MSB team and I hope to see this in The Showcase soon!

Originally Posted by tomatoman View Post
The screenshots are amazing and he tilework is awesome. The only thing that you could work on is the spelling and grammar.
I'm horrid at grammar, lol, i have someone to check.

Originally Posted by Poeman View Post
I thought of instead of arguing how easy it was and complaining, I would show you how easy it is.

around 5 minutes in MSPaint, and it makes more sense than yours.
This looks good, i'll try to fix my tent ...

Originally Posted by Poeman View Post
@brokenxnote Sorry I don't mean to :[

Also upon examining this, I think the room may be a tad too big for the tent.
I'll try to fix this too ... i think you're right on that one, another thing i may try is to make the room a bit darker so it seems more tent-like

Originally Posted by brokenxnote View Post
Also, I just noticed in the screencap with the tent [exterior], you have a typo, Avatar. It's "weary," not "weiry." A few punctuation and spacing errors too, but there probably hasn't been a spelling/grammar check yet, so no need to nitpick on something that isn't the final project. Maybe you should run the dialogue through spellcheck/grammarcheck on Word or something? Or just get a new team member to do it [GrammarNazi position].
I have a grammar nazi ... he's called meowth, lol, he will get the first copy of the game ...
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