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Originally Posted by Poeman View Post
I dislike the project because it doesn't have a normal pokémon battle system but I love your maps ^_^
Don't let it put you off, the battle system is quite good solid. It feels like a hybrid of pokemon and final fantasy.

Originally Posted by Zeta Dimentio View Post
I really do like this game, it is one of the funnest fangames I've played, if not one of the funnest games in general. The only problem is that I found it way too easy throughout the whole thing, though that could be my fault. (Haven't Game Over'd even once and only one pokemon faint.)

Can't wait to see more from this project either way.
Yeah, I'm not too good at balancing the game, I did suspect it was a little too easy. Defineltly gonna go ramp up the boss battles.

some general questions for people who've played the game.
1- How do you feel about the battle system?

2- What level are you at the end of the demo?

3- Which form of eevee do you use less. (besides eevee itself)
Just beggining to create the lionheart event. I'm hoping I can get it today, but it seems unlikely.
Heres the sprites for the next AI: XxlionheartxX

Ground Type
-Quick Attack


Ground Type
-Wing Attack
-Horn Attack


Ground/Flying Type
-Horn Drill (1 Hit KO)


Ground/Flying Type
-Horn Drill (1 Hit KO)

I've also changed the website, I had some problems with the old website.
It's now at
Version 0.753 is out
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