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I came up with this off the top of my head a few minutes ago. What do you think?

The story begins on a planet called Senterra, which is actually Latin for “Old Earth”. The reason before this naming is because at one point in time, long ago, Earth as we know it was actually the combination of two separate heavenly bodies, one called Vita Corpus (Latin for Magic Body, which became Senterra), and the other, Mors Corpus (Latin for Dead Body, and which is now the Earth we reside on today). When the two worlds were conjoined, civilization thrived on the existence of magic, and magitechnology. Though not everyone could use it, those who could were revered as wise and powerful beings, or Sorcerer, as us Earthbound call them, (Earthbounds being those without magical capabilities). However, some non-magic users began to become jealous of the Sorcerer’s, so, using technology, and machinery to counter their magic, war broke out on Senterra between the Sorcerers and the Earthbound.

The two ended the era of peace, and segregation was born. The two societies were separated. The war, which would be known on Senterra as the “Arcadian Birth War”, went on for many seasons. To end the conflict, both began development on super weapons, which would destroy the other faction. The Earthbound developed the first nuclear weapon with their alliance with science and technology, and the Sorcerer’s began creating a great beast with their alliance with magic. The name of the beast would be known as Ragnapecus, (a combination of the words “Ragnarok”, and “Pecus”, Latin for tamed beast).

The Earthbound launched their nuclear weapon, but it was countered with the release of Ragnapecus, which engulfed the nuke. However, the nuclear radiation spoiled the beast’s radiant shell, turning it into a monstrous demon, known as Ragnafera (Combination of “Ragnarok” and “Fera”, Latin for wild beast). Ragnafera began an uncontrollable rampage, destroying both the forces of the Sorcerer’s and the Earthbound. Desperate to stop Ragnafera, the two came together once more, and decided to separate Senterra into two heavenly bodies instead of one, splitting up Ragnafera’s being with them. The essence of Ragnapecus would reside with the Sorcerer’s, on their world, Pecusterra, and the Earthbound would adopt the destructive Ragnafera, but a concealed form, which would only be released if the wickedness of man reached it’s own. The Earthbound would reside on a body known as Feraterra, but eventually, as the knowledge of their origin on Senterra was lost to the ages, a new name was adopted. Earth.

The Senterrians thrived as a people, and were easily capable of reconstructing their civilizations on a new planet with the use of magic. However, the Feraterrians began civilization over anew as well, but took longer to rebuild their civilizations. However, as the prophecy of Ragnafera had been written, the sin and wickedness on Feraterra eventually began to grow, and it seemed that every time civilization began to prosper, war would only destroy it again, forcing man to begin all over again.

Eventually, the two worlds distanced more and more from one another, until Feraterra, at this point, Earth, completely forgot its origins and the relationship with Pecusterra. It stayed that way for millenniums… but unbeknown to the Earthlings of contemporary days, soon, Ragnafera would be awakened from his slumber on earth, and not even Pecusterra would be safe from its wrath.

I've got another one.

Rise of the Earthbound

Setting and Background
Rise of the Earthbound takes place in an alternate reality of Earth, where back in the time before advanced technology magic and sorcery actually existed and thrived, but with the progression of industry and mechanics, the art of magic was slowly lost and forgotten by all but a few remnants, known as “The Remnants”, respectably.

In the year 2084 the all of civilization was destroyed at the hands of nuclear holocaust caused by the quake of World War III, which would forever be remembered as “The Great War”. Survivors of The Great War scattered throughout the remains of the Earth, and began tribes and packs, and slowly began rebuilding civilization through their own separate means; however, there were two general ways of living. There were those who tried to revive the power of technology and machines, and there were those who tried to revive the far more ancient traditions of utilizing the lost art of magic, which they found possible through the teachings of Remnants, and the discovery of lost remains of magical society, revealed by the removal of such things as certain cities and foundations that took the place of where nature once flourished.

Those who used magic to run their culture were now also called Remnants, and those who tried to use machinery and other related means were referred to as “Machinas”. In order to further emulate the former world before the Great War, the tribes of the Machinas began to converge to form cities and nations. Though things began small, over the course of many decades, centuries even, they began to prove successful. The many cities took the form of steampunk, and eventually they formed a government too. And the government was led by a president, who led the nations through democracy.

The Remnants took a different approach. Their societies remained separated in different tribes and small camps, but they remained connected with one another, and were free to interact with one another through forms of trade and more. They were governed by the “Seven Sages”, elders who were all either original Remnants, or descendants of them. The Seven Sages didn’t truly bare any control, but they were revered and respected for their immense knowledge and wisdom.

Peace, more or less, was maintained for hundreds of years, until the year 567 AGW (which stood for After Great War), when a new president was appointed to lead the Machinas, a man named Alexei Balk, took office. This changed things drastically. Eventually, Balk became more of a dictator than president, and waged war against the Remnants after convincing his people that they were to blame for the collapse of the world and triggering the Great War. Though the Remnants were reluctant to fight back, they eventually had no choice, and a battle that would be remembered as the “Balk War” began. It lasted eight months before the Seven Sages came up with a resolution. Using their magic, the Remnants decided to end the war by raising the continents of their land into the sky, making the homes of the Remnants inaccessible to the Remnants. From then on, the Machinas would be known as the “Earthbound”, and connection between the Remnants and Earthbound ceased from then on.
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