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I used to be confused about that episode when Ash's mom was holding on to the trophy and I thought, "Wait. Did Delia even enter the contest?" But yeah, all you see is Misty, Jessie and James in the Japanese version, and Gary and his fangirls/girlfriends cutting in at the end, so it would be natural to think Misty won and gave the trophy to Delia, but I think it the dub Ash's name is on the trophy and it was to reward him for bravery or something? So I guess that could mean no one was chosen for the beauty contest because it was interrupted, so Ash won the trophy for stopping Team Rocket and demonstrating bravery and such.

Anyway, when watching the dub and the Japanese version, it was interesting to see the little changes in Gary's lines. He always calls Ash a loser in the dub and in the Japanese version, Gary (or Shigeru, rather) tries to show off his "girlfriends" (he calls them girlfriends and not fangirls) I guess also meaning that he's the best because he has a lot of girls supporting him. Then it got me thinking that Gary is always trying to get Ash jealous by showing off his girlfriends which kind of justifies some fangirls pairing the two together. Hmm.

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