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K, I pulled off all night for this so me is a little brain dead XD

Decent episode. What I found most epic was when Flint was on the verge of punching Volkner, I was like "OMFG, NON-FANTASY VIOLENCE IN POKEMON!" Now that is a rare, but epic occurrence. And yet, we got no bar fighting today :(

The battle was decent too, but I am not really convinced that Pikachu should have even been able to resist so much attacks from Infernape and using all those volt tackles for such a long time. And when was the last time it used VT?

Well, at least next time will be the first gym battle in a ****load of decades. Who's ready to stay up all night for that? ****ing hell not me, I know how to autowake my PC and set up WinTV now.
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