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Okay, so here's what I did in the past few days:
I got a clean Emerald rom, and I blanked out most of the scripts (I didn't blank out anything from 0x23D1A5 to 0x2693FE in order to leave the Battle Frontier intact). I was making somewhat decent progress, and yet today when I was re-inserting the scripts for Oak's lab, for some reason the game kept freezing every time I entered it. I tried re-pointing some stuff (the problem was with a level script), and things still didn't work correctly. Then I clicked on some random maps only to find out that the indoor tileset has been partially blanked, and the underwater tileset had been completely blanked, even though I haven't even messed with those tilesets.

So basically, I'm going to stop working on this until AdvanceMap supports 7 digit offsets. I am so tired of random tilesets blanking out that it's impossible for me to do an Emerald hack that's under 16mb, so I'm going to expand to 32mb, but I can't work like that until the next AdvanceMap comes out. The reason why I'm not doing this on Ruby is because it's a pain in the ass porting FR/LG music, and it just comes out terribly, and I've always wanted to do this on Emerald anyway. IMO, Emerald is basically unhackable if you're staying with 16mb. Or maybe Emerald is actually unstable...

For now, I'm going to work on "Pokemon Saga - Platinum" and "Pokemon Saga - HeartGold", which will be much simpler hacks. I'm also going to work on an original hack that's unrelated to Pokemon Saga, though production on DarkViolet and Jade will resume once the new AdvanceMap comes out.

EDIT: Okay, screw the new AdvanceMap and 32mb roms, I'm just going to try and do this on Emerald in 16mb. I'm just going to keep making backups to prevent screw ups. So the final descision is...


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