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Quote originally posted by Nyu~♥!:
LOL i just happened to be looking for fakemon game demos, (does anyone know any?) and people are talking about Opal XDD it makes me feel famous... I know I'm not XD
Thanks for the kind words hehe.

I really can't wait to play this game. Your fakemon tend to look kinda round though, like you used the circle tool to make most of them.. but I really like them. Their cute XDD -shot-
Lol thanx lol and the only fakemon demo I know of is Uranium, its really good too. You'd better hurry I think ~JV~ was thinking of taking the link down.


The Mystery Pokemon!
This little guy has two evolutions that will intrigue you lol
Its the mystery pokemon, because well no one really knows much about them.
People have them, but cant figure them out or how to use them.
Weirder than psyduck and more mysterious than the unknown. They can Reproduce alot. Often overpopulating an area. This is why its a law in Insula that there can only be one in every household, no more. They often just sit in one place for hours and hours doing nothing. But maybe if the right trainer comes along it can make something of these little guys!?

May turn out to be the strongest Line of dark pokemon in the game and gives great competition to Joyba as the strongest Psychic pokemon!

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